The write priorities

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

 ― John Lubbock, The Use Of Life
Cats are good at leisure time. This kitty belongs to the owners of a restaurant where my son and I stopped for lunch on one of our leisurely days. We enjoyed outdoor dining while kitty enjoyed the shade.

I’m not sure where Summer has been running off to. I keep trying to catch it, but I think Fall might find her before I do. 

I thought it would be my time to be super productive with my writing. I’d work hard on my blog and fiction, get projects done around the house, garden, and spend time with my kids. I have at least done slightly better with the kids than with my writing and everything else. 

(Here’s a side note to my readers not from Minnesota: We take our summers seriously. Our public schools generally end the first week of June and don’t return until after Labor Day. We take vacations, plan weddings, attend fairs and all other outdoor events with vendors, food trucks, and music. We have cook outs, family reunions, and pool parties. Many spend their weekends at the cabin or camping. We don’t have many nice, warm months here, so we get busy.)

I also worked more than I typically do which made me feel like summer went even faster. And lately, it feels like life will never slow down. So I remind myself if I use busy-ness as an excuse for not following my dreams, I never will.

So the real question is…what’s stopping me? What is getting in the way of me committing to daily writing time?

Some blocks I am aware of and know how to fix. Others I am aware of, but not certain how to fix. And I’m sure there are more I don’t even know exist. (This, I believe, comes from some school of philosophy I kind of remember from my long-ago college days.)

I know one of my blocks is not prioritizing writing. 

So why not? Why am I not earnestly pursuing my dreams? Or making sacrifices to achieve my goals? 

Because another block for me is lack of motivation and/or laziness—call it what you will. I can be more productive with my time, but I’m choosing not to. Instead I’m procrastinating and pushing aside what is important, allowing myself to be lulled into mind-numbing comforts rather than focusing on what is really important. It’s as simple as shutting off the tv or social media, and picking up my iPad and keyboard. Priorities.

Yet a huge block for me is consistency. I have wonderful plans, but suck at follow through. I wrote three different rough draft blog posts over the past month, but didn’t complete any of them. Being inconsistent haunts me in all aspects of my life, and no matter how I’ve tried, I have yet to conquer it. This one gets me a bit…stuck.

I know I’ll have to figure it out eventually, but for now I think for now I’ll work on prioritizing, since at least I know how to do that. It’s also been the biggest difference between whether or not I write. Instead of saying to hell with writing, did I say to hell with everything else? Did I just sit down and write? And when I did sit down to write and was interrupted ten times by my kids, did I still persist and write? 

Some days, to get it done, I think the more appropriate question may be—

Am I willing to forsake all, including my own sanity and health, and allow the world around me to literally crumble at my feet, in order to keep writing? Am I willing to lay down my life for it? (This is the dramatic side of me. I love her so much, yet others do not so much. 😂)

I’ve got to work at the first part—the second I’ve got down.

I do have something I’m currently trying to help me achieve my goals. It will take commitment and consistency though, so I have concerns. But if it works, I’ll let you know. 😉

How about my beloved readers? What are your blocks? How do you get past them? How are you coming along at achieving your dreams? 

Happy August Dreamers! 🏕☀️🌿

4 thoughts on “The write priorities

  1. I love this blog! We have all had times like this in life. What do we do? Procrastinate, feel lazy and unmotivated and kind of like going in circles. I have to escape it all . The cabin and camping are my cure. Leave it all behind and sit in nature, preferably by water. Keep at it cause I love your writing! Always remember that maybe life has its own plan for us sometimes, but keep seeking your dreams. I believe you will be a writer. Look! You’re writing! Carry on dreamer!

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  2. Regarding your 3 rough draft posts over the month, maybe they require more time, energy, and/or space than expected for them to develop and be completed. And/or maybe you’re expecting too much from yourself. I’ve experienced and feel these scenarios/blocks (including perfectionism) also and I think a lot of people deal with them too (so hopefully this makes you feel less alone). One way I get past blocks is that I remind myself that I am human and I’ve got my limits. To remember these (at least to me) feels like more of a relief.

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    1. Thanks ZT! I definitely expect too much from myself, particularly when it comes to writing. It’s also always good to know others struggle too. Reminding myself I’ve got limits too is great advice. 😊
      My latest block is time, which hopefully I can post about soon!

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